**SOLD OUT** Capezio Cares Tote Bag


Capezio Cares Tote, celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness. A portion of the proceeds from this bag will go towards research for the cure of Breast Cancer. This tastefully designed tote features the signature pink ribbon, shows support for women battling this disease, for families who have survived it and for researchers seeking a cure.
Dimensions: 13'' W x 16''H x 6.5'' deep

S$39.90 Now $32
Shipped from US
Product Availability: Special Edition, 1 pc only.
Email me at tanjoni@gmail.com to order.

1. Drop by any of the CCs where I teach, or arrange for pick up at any MRT along east line or town.
2. $3 by normal mail. Add $2.30 for registered mail.