Pillows for Pointe "Gellows"™


Pillows for Pointe "Gellows"™ reversible seamless toe pad

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Great Product!
Rating: 5
Amazing product. These toe pads are very comfortable on pointe, and I find them very durable. I am able to feel the floor quite easily, yet without pain. I like the idea of the cloth on the inside of the pad...

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Rating: 5
These Gellows are the absolute best. All the girls in my class and my professional ballerina teacher uses them too. They are great for beginners and advanced students. After using these, I won't use anything else. I simply love them. A down side is that they get holes, but that can be avoided by keeping your toenails really short.

Rating: 5 These toe pads are great! If you have problems with them tearing, you should try putting baby powder on them when they start to get sticky! It works wonders!

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1. Drop by any of the CCs where I teach, or arrange for pick up at any MRT along east line or town.
2. $0.50 by normal mail. Add $2.30 for registered mail.

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