Embroidered Greeting Cards

Any Occasion Cards:

Christmas Card:

Birthday Cards:

Teacher's Day Card:

Embroidered greeting cards. Blank inside

S$8.90 (free postage for orders of 2cards and above)

Qty Available
~ Amazing Grace : 15
~ Sweet Angel: 15
~ Dancing Santa: will stock upon order
~ Glamour Birthday: 5
~ Birthday Cha Cha: 5
~ Greatest Guru: 5

Email me at tanjoni@gmail.com to order.

1. Drop by any of the CCs where I teach, or arrange for pick up at any MRT along east line or town.
2. For purchase of 1 card, normal mail postage $0.50. I'll do my best to prevent bending of cards in transit.
3. FREE POSTAGE available by normal mail for purchase of 2 cards and above.